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Romantic Outdoor Furniture to Set the Mood This Valentine’s Day

February 8, 2017Do you have plans this Valentine’s Day to get together with that special someone? Be creative and surprise your sweetie by taking the romance outdoors! Set the mood for your outdoor rendezvous by creating a cozy spot for two with … MORE

Simple Backyard Superbowl Party

January 27, 2017Even if your team is not playing in the Superbowl this year, don’t let that stop you from enjoying the event! Throwing a backyard Superbowl party will definitely get you excited for the big game. While my friends up north may be forced to stay … MORE
Outdoor Furniture Indoors

3 Reasons You Should Use Outdoor Furniture Indoors

January 15, 2017When my husband and I first got married and moved into our first home, we didn’t have much furniture and were financially strapped. As I started shopping around, I noticed that I kept on leaning towards outdoor furniture collections. Outdoor furniture for … MORE
Outdoor living insiders

Carls Patio: The Outdoor Living Insiders

January 1, 2017Carls Patio The Outdoor Living Insiders At Carls Patio, our mission is to help you create your best moments on the patio. We hope to guide and educate you to take advantage of outdoor living. Too often, we spend our … MORE
Let it Glow

Let It Glow with Outdoor Lighting Options

December 18, 2016After a month of holiday parties, there is one thing that repeatedly caught our attention – the amazing use of lights. Each gathering was wonderfully unique with creative ways to keep that sparkle going all year long. Just as landscaping … MORE
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