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Tips on Maintaining Your Outdoor Patio Furniture

January 25, 2016You’ve made a big investment in your outdoor patio furniture. Over time, nature’s elements will begin to wear on the different surfaces – it’s inevitable. Dirt is the enemy here, not the sun. Pollutants in the air cling to dirt. If … MORE
3 Easy Patio Makeover Tips

3 Easy Outdoor Decorating Tips

January 15, 2016Need help with your outdoor living space? Here are a few ideas to get you started on creating a stylish extension of your home in your backyard. Whether you’re updating or just starting, these 3 tips will help you create … MORE
Hosting an Outdoor Winter Party

Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Winter Party

January 6, 2016Don’t let winter’s chilly temps keep you from inviting people over and heading outside for a get together. Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you need to become a hermit. You can easily create a warm and cozy atmosphere that … MORE

Outdoor Seating Ideas for Conversation and Movement

January 2, 2016For those who like to relax and entertain outdoors, you know that choosing the perfect outdoor seating is harder than it may seem. Of course, you want everything to look beautiful but functionality and arrangement are the keys to creating … MORE
Tips for Creating a Pet Friendly Patio & Backyard

Tips for Creating a Pet Friendly Patio & Backyard

January 1, 2016Since recently announcing to the kids that we would be welcoming a new dog into our family, we have been in full nesting mode. Besides making room for a training crate inside, our biggest concern has been the landscaping, patio and … MORE
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