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Fifth & Shore Bridgewater Wicker Seating Set

Update Your Outdoor Living Space From Summer to Fall

September 30, 2016The first day of fall is here, and summer is officially over. Maybe not outside your front door yet, but according to the calendar at least. That means that it’s time to update your outdoor living area. All the bright … MORE
Malibu Day Bed

Keep That Summer Feeling Going Well Into Fall

September 15, 2016Summer has officially ended and the change of season has begun. Even though fall brings with it a beautiful change in scenery and pleasant, less sweat-inducing weather, it’s still hard to say good-bye to that summer feeling. There’s nothing wrong with … MORE

Modern Outdoor Living With the Park Place Collection

August 30, 2016Introducing the Park Place Collection – one of the newest outdoor furniture collections by Castelle. It was designed and built to exude style and luxury without sacrificing quality and comfort. With multiple pieces and sets, this is the ideal furniture collection for creating a … MORE
Essentials for Creating an Outdoor School Campus

Essentials for Creating an Outdoor School Campus

August 15, 2016While taking my kids to their school orientation this year, I found myself inspired by the beautiful changes that were made to the outdoor school campus. In their efforts to move learning outside of the classrooms, they created areas that … MORE
Pleasant Bay Collection

Must-Have Outdoor Accessories to Keep You Cool This Summer

August 3, 2016It’s summer and it’s hot out there. Depending on where you live, it may also be humid, making outdoor living downright unbearable. But why skip outdoor shindigs and events just because of a little heat? All you need are a … MORE
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